Posts from August 2015

Message from Pr Dave Harrison

Good morning and a warm welcome to Kingston City Church. “Anyone who listens…and obeys…is…like a person who builds a house on solid rock…it won’t collapse.” Matthew 7:24-25 NLT When Michael Eisner, head of the Disney Corporation, had plans drawn up for a house, one wall was so thin it almost buckled under its own weight. […]

Message from Pr Joy Hansen

This last week we had a party to celebrate our granddaughter’s third birthday.  It’s been fun watching her grow and develop.  We can now have a conversation with her.  She can put her shoes on herself and has become very independent.  Time flies and before we know it she will be a mature adult. Hebrews […]

Message from Pr Dan Parker

We live in interesting times. There are all sorts of things being promoted and changes being suggested to our culture.  This week in federal politics, the issue of same sex marriage has had prominence.  I intend to bring a message on this for the church when I return from Fiji. It is important that we […]

Message from Pr Dave Harrison

‘…He leads me beside quiet waters.’ Psalm 23:2 NIV I thank God that He is control of all our lives. He’s in front of us clearing the path and showing us the way. When we come to a crossroads in our lives, we don’t need to worry as God will speak to us through His […]