Posts from October 2015

Message from Pr Dan Parker

The year-end is coming.  This Christmas we are doing something different with our production.  We have Ben Price, the Christian comedian who appears at the comedy festival and has been on radio and TV, as a guest ministry. It will still have the Christmas message, but presented in a fun atmosphere with high– quality music […]

Message from Pr Bryan Grasby

Dear Church, Welcome to our final Mission Sunday which is focused on our Children’s Charity ‘Door of Hope Australia’. As I reflect on the call God placed on my life back in 1982 (to work with the South Sudanese people), I am awestruck by HIS faithfulness, provision and blessing that comes with HIS call into […]

Message from Pr Joy Hansen

Good morning and welcome to Kingston City Church. Trevor and I have just returned from visiting our daughter and family on the Gold Coast.  We went there for the birth of her third child, a beautiful baby girl.  What an amazing miracle, God forming a child in their mother’s womb, and then the birth itself.  […]