Posts from March 2016

Message from Pr Dave Harrison

In the Bible you will find an answer for whatever problem you are facing in life, yet we can come up with so many excuses for not reading the Bible. How would a physical trainer react if you told them how much you’d like to get fit, but you don’t have the time to go […]

Message from Chris Davis

I have been thinking lately about how good it is to know Jesus Christ and the joy and peace this brings. Being a Christian is not merely believing that Christ rose from the dead and is the true Son of God, but actually knowing it, which he makes possible by having a relationship with us. […]

Message from Pr Dave Harrison

It has been said, ‘Courage is just fear that has said its prayers.’ When you know God has spoken, you are filled with faith in that moment, you feel strong and ready for anything. But then the time comes when your faith has to be put into action and it’s then that you encounter fear. […]