Kingston City Church (KCC) started life as the Christian Resource Centre (CRC) in 1976.

The church was founded by Pr Ray Gilmour and Pr Dennis Prince in Springvale, a suburb of the City of Melbourne, Australia. In 1988, Pr Dennis Prince moved on to lead another church. The Resource Centre met in various rented locations until 1992 when a purpose built building was erected in Heatherton and the church moved to its present site. In 2002, Pr Dan Parker was appointed as senior pastor after the retirement of Pr Ray Gilmour.

The vision of the church has always been to reach people for Christ and be a resource to the community and wider church. In 1999, Heatherton Christian College was established and it has grown every year to become one of the premier Christian schools in the city. The Church and the College share the current property with their own purpose built facilities.

The services at KCC are contemporary in style with passionate worship and practical faith inspiring messages to help every generation find meaning in their relationship with Jesus. KCC is committed to every believer having an expression of ministry and making a contribution to building the church.

The welfare of people spiritually, emotionally and materially is a core belief and is where resources are expended. In the last twelve years food, clothing and counseling for people in the community have been provided through a welfare ministry: Emergency Resources.

The family remains central to healthy people and communities. A right balance between family, work and church is essential for healthy living. The leadership at KCC is committed to helping the relationship between dads, mums and children be as positive as possible by making connection and training available.

The mission of every church is to play its part in the Great Commission. KCC is involved in mission activity in the nations of the world. We have specific nations and churches that God has led us to partner with and we go, give and send people and resources to them for their growth and health.

Kingston City Church became the new name of the church in 2007. We remain as committed as any time in our history to the vision of connecting people to Jesus through reaching people, restoring them in Christ, relating to God and people in a healthy way, resourcing them for service and releasing them into their God given destiny.