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Message from Pr Dave Harrison

Too often we want to see the resources, or have them in place before we start moving forward. When we do that, we have neither the resources nor the movement. Repeatedly in scripture God sent people out with what seemed like inadequate resources. However when they got to where God wanted them to be, the […]

Message from Pr Dan Parker

Welcome to Mother’s Day. Rose and I want to say how highly we value the mums in our church.  You ‘guys’ do an outstanding job raising your children. It’s difficult to describe how the love of a mother shapes the individual, but I know from my own life that my mother was a huge influence […]

Message from Pr Bryan Grasby

Dear Church, I want you all to know how amazingly special every one of you really is because of what Jesus did for you on the cross. In Matthew 11:7 Jesus began talking to the people about John the Baptist.  He asked them what kind of man they thought John was.  In verse 10, Jesus […]

Message from Pr Dan Parker

Hi church, I have a real burden at the moment to be ‘God’ focused. As I talk with various people in our church and they share the stuff of their lives, I’m acutely aware that there is pressure to conform to the standards of this world; in the workspace and in general relationships. If you […]

Message from Pr Dave Harrison

Pontius Pilate had an opportunity to acquit Jesus of any wrongdoing, but instead he washed his hands of the whole matter. His attitude was, ‘I’m not getting involved.’ Lots of people have that same attitude. But not Jesus! The night before His death He washed His disciples’ feet. He taught them: ‘Whoever wants to be […]

Message from Chris Davis

I was wanting to write something joyful for the newsletter this week and then I was informed that we are having three baptisms after the service and it struck me – this is joyful! The ceremony of baptism is one of the most joyful things God has given us, for when a Christian desires to […]

Message from Pastor Dan Parker

Happy Resurrection! What an awesome time we had on Friday in Kings Domain.  The unity of the churches and the opportunity to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus and the transforming power of the Cross in our city was amazing. Jesus is Lord!  We’re committed to the proclamation of the Gospel and life transformation through the […]