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Kingston City Church has a rich history of involvement in international missions. As a church we have a passion to serve God and take seriously the great commission to go into all the world…

In the mid-eighties members of the church began taking missions trips to PNG and Asia. These trips and contact with Pr Barry Silverback, a missionary to PNG, fuelled a growing desire to establish close links with churches and ministries on the mission field.

After a season of prayer and seeking God during the early nineties, it was decided that God was leading us to work in Fiji as our main area of mission connection. The first team went to Fiji in 1995 to help establish a church in the nation’s capital, Suva. Subsequently, teams and individuals have travelled to Fiji every year since and we have trained pastors and leaders, built churches, homes and preschools and developed close relationships with our friends in that nation.

The mission expression of KCC has expanded from those early beginnings and we have been involved in planting churches in the Philippines, training pastors in South Sudan and contributing to various projects around the world.

In 2012, we were able to send our first missionaries to Jordan. The Shaw family is working with YWAM and is using sport as an conduit to build relationship and connection with Jordanian people.

Every year, the Eldership of KCC designates 5% of our income to missions and community projects to help reach and bless God’s work beyond our sphere of influence.

Latest News


Pastor Danny has just got back from Fiji where he spoke, as he does each year, at their National Conference. Pastor David and Pastor Bryan went a little earlier in the year. Years ago, after praying and seeking God’s will, the mission team felt called to make missions in Fiji a focus of our church. There are a number of CRC churches on both islands and the major focus of outreach is to the Indian population of the country.

Many Hindu’s have been converted to Christianity over the years and properties have been secured in a number of strategic centres to outreach the community. A number of missionaries came across from Papua New Guinea to help the church together with Fijian and Fijian Indian pastors.

In 2010 we raised money to build a new church for the Suva congregation. We are still waiting for this to go ahead. The hold up has involved local government authorities and some change of planning. Pastor Alipate and his wife Boila head up the Suva congregation and oversee the church in Fiji.

Late last year there were massive floods along the Coral Coast and our church in Sigatoka was flooded twice. We are looking at ways to help them remain on their land. Pastor Pritam and his wife Faith do a remarkable job reaching out to the community there. One of our key strategies of outreach is the running of pre schools. There is a huge need for these preparatory schools and the community sets great store on education. Our Christian teachers have a great impact on the Muslim and Hindi children and their families who attend the school. Pray for our work through these dedicated teachers and pastors. Pray for people to be helped and souls to be won in Fiji.

South Sudan
For a number of reasons over the past twelve years we have become increasingly involved with Sudanese refugees. After the Civil War was over and now Independence has been won, many Sudanese are returning home. We had the Independence Day Celebrations in our church with a video link from South Sudan and about 7000 people crowded onto our property.

Many of the refugees who joined our church in the early days of their time in Melbourne were well educated and had been involved in higher levels of the South Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM) and or the South Sudanese People’s Liberation Army (SPLA). Pastor Tom and Pastor Bryan, Helmut Dvorzak, Michelle Van Zanen and others, were particularly involved in reaching out into this community and firm friendships were made. One of the ladies who joined the church and whose children came into our college was married to a very high ranking official who is now second in charge of the country. This has led to Pastor Bryan forming a friendship with him and opening all sorts of opportunity in South Sudan for the gospel.

One of our first members from the Sudanese Community Jothab Ajak has just been made the Ambassador for Southern Sudan to France. A farewell party was held for Jothab and his wife, Mary last weekend. Over the last few years there have been regular trips of members of our church to South Sudan.

Prision Fellowship
Owen Challender heads out regularly to help and support men who have ended up in prison. There have been some wonderful testimonies of salvation and restoration through the work of Prison Fellowship. Chuck Colson, who was jailed because of the Watergate scandal under USA President Richard Nixon was converted in prison and began what became this international ministry recently went to be with the Lord.

Door Of Hope
Pastor Bryan heads up the Door of Hope and quite a few of the people in our church help this outreach to children and communities in third world countries. Their latest news is the successful arrival of a brick-making machine in Southern Sudan. This innovative machine makes it easy to make bricks from local soil which can be used to build homes and schools etc. It will be used to improve the living conditions of communities in Southern Sudan. Training of operators should commence in October.

Gary Lisbon on his golfing business tour through Europe was able to raise money for Door of Hope to help supply equipment to the Cuvu Pre School in Fiji which was damaged by floods.

Ken and Anne Ferdinands are a part of the ministry of Fusion. This ministry began in Australia and has spread to a number of countries around the world. Ken was privileged to be one of a few Aussies able to travel to the UK at the conclusion of the Olympic outreach last month, to participate in a gathering of Fusion leaders from around the globe, to celebrate what God has done and is doing, and to review their mission and life as an international movement.

To read more of what is happening internationally with Fusion follow this link for a copy of “Beyond the Horizon”


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