Link Groups – Connect Home Groups

Link Groups are designed for people to get together during the week for the purpose of growing closer to God. These groups emphasise personal encouragement in Christian growth, are Bible based, are strong in relationships and prayer. They give scope for plenty of discussion, often involve worship and welcome any new person wanting to join.

Our church has a policy of encouraging everyone to participate in a small group and be active in the mission of the church. Kingston City Church started as a small home group and they really are a part of our DNA.
The following are the Link Groups for 2015:

Tel: 8551 6649

Clarinda (Men’s Sports Night)
Tel: 0411 812845

Clarinda (Day Group)
Tel: 0423 319158

Tel: 0405 034308

Tel: 0415 527665

Tel: 0410 778335


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