Message from Pr Bryan Grasby

Dear Church,

I thank the Lord that He has given this Church such a huge Missions heart.  We really are a Church that reaches out to our local community, the community at large, to our great land of Australia and to the outermost parts of the world.

Some of the countries we are involved in as a Church are Fiji, PNG, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Kenya, Sudan, Turkey and Thailand.  We have so many good people in our congregation who pray, give finance and go to the Mission field regularly.

Through Door of Hope Australia, we have just launched a fundraising appeal to provide vital foods for those suffering due to the famine in South Sudan.  I will be travelling to Kenya over Easter and will be able to give the funds to our contacts to take in with them to Juba. Until the war stops, the fight against famine will be incredibly difficult so we have also launched a Petition to “Stop the war in South Sudan”.  Please consider signing and sharing with your networks:

I am looking forward to an awesome 2017 in God on the Mission field.

God bless,

Bryan Grasby
Specialist Pastor – Missions


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