Message from Pr Dan Parker

Hi Church,

As I write this message, I’m in Sigatoka, Fiji meeting with the CRC International Missions Director, Pr Barry Silverback and local Fijian pastors.

It’s amazing to me what happens when you follow Jesus.  I would never have thought that I’d be doing what I’m doing these days when I accepted Jesus as my saviour in my mother’s kitchen.  The overwhelming reason I gave my life to Christ was that I had no purpose.  I was trying to find meaning in the pursuit of pleasure, yet it was making me more and more despondent.  In that moment, it was like my eyes opened to the answer I’d craved and dreamed about but looked for in worthless things.

Today, my greatest pleasure is in seeing God work His will in people’s lives and mine too.  When a life is touched by God and His light enters their being, it’s the most amazing transformation.  There’s an eternal purpose that is transferred and the things we do take on greater importance.  One word, one small encouragement or one prayer can open a person’s life to incredible possibilities in God.

If there is one thing I believe that positions your life for Kingdom effectiveness, it’s this—be consistent in your pursuit of God’s will for your life.  Don’t compromise!  This is why Jesus said, ‘put your hands to the plough and don’t look back’.

It’s a blessing to be in church with you.

Pastor Dan Parker


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