Message from Pr Dan Parker

Hey Church,

During the week, I was in Adelaide for my first National Executive meeting.

As State Chairman of CRC, it’s one of my responsibilities to represent Victoria at a national level.  I was blessed by the level of prayerful consideration that took place among the team members when making decisions and working through issues that are on the agenda.

It goes without saying that hearing God’s guidance is vitally important in our  decision making at senior executive and personal levels. It is amazing that we can tap into the God who sits outside of time and space. He is the Alpha and Omega—the beginning and the end.  Therefore, we can trust Him with our lives and lives of people we’re responsible for.

Be prayerful in your life.  It will lead you to a wisdom that comes from God and a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Have a great week!

Pastor Dan Parker



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