Message from Pr Dan Parker

We live in interesting times.

There are all sorts of things being promoted and changes being suggested to our culture.  This week in federal politics, the issue of same sex marriage has had prominence.  I intend to bring a message on this for the church when I return from Fiji.

It is important that we are aligned with God’s purpose for humanity and are gracious in our interactions with a world that will easily misinterpret and sometimes intentionally vilify people of Christian faith.

God is love and He is good!  So in all our dealings we are to reflect the character of God, which as a new creation, is also your character too.  I trust as we seek God’s heart and wisdom, that we will find the right response to this difficult issue.

I will be in Fiji next week to participate in the church opening ceremony with a team from KCC.  I’m excited to be able to see our vision completed and to also finalise this important project.

God bless,

Pastor Dan Parker



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