Message from Pr Dave Harrison

‘You will have courage because you will have hope…’ Job 11:18 NLT

As an old man, the painter Henri Matisse was crippled with agonising arthritis. When asked why he continued to wrap his swollen fingers around a paintbrush, he replied, ‘The pain goes away; the beauty endures.’ That’s hope! Michelangelo, whilst working hard to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, became so discouraged that all he wanted to do was quit. However, each morning hope would push him back up the ladder to continue to work on and complete his magnificent vision.

Hope is a powerful force. It provides us with the fuel necessary to keep preserving. Hope is an essential ingredient to the life that God wants you and me to live. David states that his hope is in God, as is recorded in Psalm 71:5, ‘For you have been my hope…my confidence since my youth.’

Regardless of our situation, keep your hope alive by keeping your focus on God, remembering that God has guaranteed to complete what He has started in all of our lives.

Have a great week.

Pastor Dave Harrison


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