Message from Pr Dan Parker

Good morning Church,

Life is a series of ups and downs; seemingly fruitful and unfruitful moments and summers and winters. Yet God is in every one of them.

It’s in those periods where you’re waiting in the winter that you find God in a more meaningful way. The most powerful testimonies of my life have been when God revealed his goodness in the moment that I was struggling to understand my emotions and circumstances.

The widow before the unrighteous judge received her answer because she persisted when it seemed that there was no hope of an answer. The secret of the parable is that it seemed that she was not heard, but in fact she was. Sometimes it seems that God is not answering, when in fact He is working out of sight.

If you’re in a down time, God is still involved and working things in your favour. All things work together for good for those who love God and who are working out their calling.

God bless,

Pastor Dan Parker


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