The focus in Fiji is to partner with local leaders to create churches that work with native Fijian and Indian Fijian communities to build unity.

Many Hindu’s have been converted to Christianity over the years and properties have been secured in strategic centres to reach out to the community. A number of missionaries came across from Papua New Guinea to help the church together with Fijian and Fijian Indian pastors.

In 2009, KCC joined with Bethel Christian Family Centre in Suva to rasie the finance to build a new church building and national office of the CRC.  In August 2015, the new church was opened by Pastor Barry Silverback.  The people of Kingston were amazingly generous in giving $250,000AD to the project and teams of tradespeople and willing helpers went on building teams to make the project  successful.

One of our key strategies of outreach is the running of pre schools. There is a huge need for these preparatory schools and the community sets great store in education. Our Christian teachers have a great impact on the Muslim and Hindi children and their families who attend the school

Massive floods along the Coral Coast have caused major damage to our church in Sigatoka.  Pastor Pritam and his wife Faith do a remarkable job reaching out to the community there.  KCC has taken on the vision of building a flood proof house for this family so they can continue their ministry in safety.