Pr Danny Parker

Dan Parker (B.A.Min)

Pr Dan is the Senior Pastor of Kingston City Church. He has a passion to help people form a relationship with Jesus Christ and find meaning and purpose in God’s will. He serves as Vice Chairman of the CRC Churches International Victorian Executive, is involved in supporting the CRC Churches in Fiji and is on the advisory board of Family Voice as well as mentoring young pastors and leaders.

Call to Ministry

He was saved through the ministry of KCC as a young man and has served in many areas of the church’s life.  He felt the call of God to the ministry in his early thirties and went on to study at Tabor Bible College. He graduated with a Bachelor of Ministry in 2002 and was awarded the Murray Crabb Award for Ministry.  In the same year he was appointed senior pastor of KCC after the retirement of Pastor Ray Gilmour.

Pr Dan is married to Rose and has three adult children who are pursuing their studies and careers and serving in the church.